Executed to Suppress His Message


Why I Wrote These Books


D. A. Taylor


When I was twenty-seven years old, I enthusiastically accepted Christ, was baptized, and joined a large Protestant denomination. Dedicated to my church, I spent over 22 years attending church services, Bible studies, and other church activities. I volunteered for every service and evangelical task. Eventually, I was ordained and served as a youth pastor and speaker. And as a respected church leader, I was on my way to the Kingdom of God or so I thought.

Toward the end of my experience with this Christian denomination, the senior pastor past away and another man took over. This new pastor determined that certain church teachings were wrong, and began to change doctrine. This caused a great disturbance which split the denomination into several competing groups. Several senior pastors left to start their own churches, drawing thousands of dissatisfied members with them. My head was spinning: I had found what I considered to be Christ’s religion, but now the church that helped me become a Christian was flying apart.

Within less than two years, the parent denomination had divided into over a dozen disagreeing and competing organizations. And of course, each new organization claimed to have God’s truth, even though they all disagreed on doctrine.

But which organization was teaching the correct Christian doctrines?

I was determined to find out.


So for many months, I spent all my spare time studying the Bible. I had never studied like this before. Instead, I just trusted and accepted what I heard from the pulpit. Of course, our preachers always reminded us how we should “prove all things.” But most of us were too busy (or perhaps too lazy?) to study the Bible on our own. 

During these intense personal Bible studies, I read several commandments of Jesus I had never heard before. After attending weekly church services and Bible studies for 22 years, my church had never quoted these particular Scriptures. And this discovery greatly concerned me, causing me to wonder if I was attending the wrong church. 


So I decided to research the teachings of other Christian denominations. In preparation for doing this, I read through the New Testament gospels, carefully documenting everything Jesus taught. Then I took my list of the Christ’s teachings and compared it against the doctrines of major Christian denominations. I analyzed the teachings of Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Adventists, Evangelicals, the Assembly of God, the Church of Christ and several smaller denominations. I was determined to find a church that taught what my church was not preaching. But to my great surprise, I couldn’t find a single Christian denomination or church that taught these teachings of Christ that I had discovered in my Bible. 

Incredibly, each and every Christian denomination ignored these same teachings of Jesus Christ! 

How important are these teachings that are never heard in Christian churches?

Jesus was killed to suppress them. 


Executed to Suppress His Message reveals teachings of our Lord and Savior that are not heard in Christian churches. Here you will learn about a God you’ve never heard about: a God of infinite love and forgiveness who plainly and openly promises to save every human being whom has ever been born. 

These little-known teachings of Jesus will uplift your spirit and strengthen your personal relationship with God. So I encourage you to dig into these books and learn about the God of infinite love and kindness that institutionalized religion has worked so hard to hide. 


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